Committee Meeting Outcomes

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BSA Meeting 18-11-17

In Attendance

Spike (3C), Jack (Arena), Karl (ARC), Ken (Wellgate), AndyH (Tech Comm), MarkW (VC), Rob (Chairman).

Plus observers: Jamie (Wisbech), Tom (Wisbech), SteveC (ARC), Adam (Wellgate), Nick (Luton).


Jon (Tech Comm), Nigel (Southern Rebels), AndyG (Wisbech), Richard (RS Promotions).

Outcomes version 2


  1. Format of the meeting:

    1. Agreed that the purpose of the meeting was to review our current practices and look forward to producing outcomes for the betterment of parmastox racing.
    2. All views were invited through the chair; any voting would be on the basis of one vote per member club present – so as previously no vote for the chairman, vice chairman, associate member, technical committee, observers.
    3. The constitution of this committee was unanimously reaffirmed with no changes from 26-11-16.
    4. Subscriptions to the BSA to cover website, shield engraving and any miscellaneous costs, was found to be unnecessary.

Adam’s company (ROBOTS OF LONDON) will sponsor the website.

Jack to liaise with Adam.

All agreed with Karl’s suggestion that any shield engraving will be the responsibility of the winner and her/his club.


  1. Matters arising from 26-11-16 outcomes:

i.Nigel’s App for heat generation, competitions within general format (e.g. W/Y), live updates etc. – Nigel reported (via Rob) that a hectic year has meant small progress.

All keen on further development of Nigel’s App.

Jack to liaise with Nigel & Adam.

  1. Matters arising from Rules & Racecraft:

i.Strong opposition to Racecraft rule 9 (iii) re touching cars

Agreed to delete Racecraft rule 9 (iii) (Rob –done).

Agreed to reiterate key rules at start of any BSA race meeting.

Agreed to review rules & racecraft during 2018.


  1. Review of 2017

    1. All members reported a reduction in numbers attending club nights.
    2. Attendance at open meetings has also suffered.
    3. Members liked the individual championships structure, and focus on juniors and drivers graded below red.


  1. Technical Committee report:

    1. Ken reported that new tyres can raise the rear bumper height above the minimum 13 mm.

Agreed to introduce a 1mm tolerance for minimum rear bumper height when a car has new (21 mm) rear tyres (Rob amend rules – done).

  1. All clubs reported the success of “treating the track” when it gets too slippery, and most are using olive oil. Frequency of treatment, however, varies widely from 1 to 6 months, depending on track surface.

Clubs using different track treatments agreed to trial olive oil.

  1. The question of cars built from thinner material (than 16 swg) was again raised.

Agreed that car chassis must be constructed from 16 swg material, as per current rules.

  1. Spares availability: it was reported that plenty of motors are around (AndyH), general spares are getting more expensive, there is a shortage of braids (Spike, who welcomes your old useless braids), there is a new comparably priced baseplate which may be suitable (Jack).

Agreed to trial Jack’s baseplate at club’s discretion at club meetings (NOT BSA rounds).


  1. Tyres – it’s great if all tyres must be purchased through the home club, and even though we all trust each other to use only the tyres allowed in the rules (Parma MX or Alpha Supernatural), it is possible for a club (let alone an individual) to be supplied with the “wrong” tyres which look legal (black & round). If we had one supplier for all member clubs, it would make standardisation easier and there would be a cost benefit to all clubs. At least 2 clubs are using “Missile” to supply their tyres.

All clubs reiterated that only lighter fluid may be applied to tyres.

Jack to contact Merv at Missile re standardising tyre supply across member clubs.


6.Applications to join the BSA

i.JMR Promotions (Coventry) applied to join the BSA as an Associate Member, and is offering to run a charity open meeting for Parmastox on 2-12-17 in aid of SUDEP, with MSRA racing available in the evening.

JMR application denied on the grounds that we already have an associate member, and what we need is clubs with members (Rob to contact JMR Promotions).


ii.Luton Slot Car Club applied for membership of the BSA.

Luton Slot Car Club application approved with the usual proviso that they must successfully run an open meeting in 2018, to become eligible to run a BSA round in 2019.


7.Looking ahead to 2018

a.How to encourage new members?

b.How to encourage drivers below red to travel to & enjoy open meetings?

Ask ex-members to sell cars back to club and then re-furbish them, so that cars are always available for new members.

Ramp up the use of social media – we HAVE TO appeal to the younger generation.

Set up Twitter and Instagram accounts (Adam).

Explore making a promo video including “how to”, slow-mo and fun clips (Jack, Matthew Collingwood, AndyH).

Proactively offer car sharing opportunities to all club members, including lower graders.

Explore advertising at real Stock Car tracks (all).

Agreed to try and have a presence at school fetes/fun days (all).


c.Saloon Stox?

Agreed that individual clubs may choose to run a few Saloon Stox heats at the end of an open meeting, time permitting.


d.Open schedule – much discussion about the cycle of BSA championships, ensuring there is approximately 12 months between the running of each championship, and that this should be at a different venue; the open meeting of the associate member (RS Promotions) was also discussed.

Agreed to offer the following BSA 2018 schedule to member clubs:

March 24




Best in Britain





June (end)





Southern Rebels





Agreed that the open meeting at Sileby on 20-1-18 would be a non-BSA round, title to be determined by Richard.

Agreed that 3Cs would also be running Aaron’s SUDEP meeting at the start of June (this does not preclude other opens).


8.Awarding the English/British/National shield – discussion over the nature of the shield (season-long) versus its most recent title (British), which is now a one-off championship.

Agreed to award the shield to this year’s British Champion.

Agreed to run a BSA National Points series in 2018, with the winner receiving a new shield (MarkW to explore).

Cost and engraving of this shield to be shared between the BSA member clubs.


9.AOB – the trophy/awards schedule for BSA rounds.

Agreed (3-1) to up the minimum trophy/awards schedule from 7 to 10 (6 finalists, top junior, best white, yellow, blue).


Thank you all for your attendance and invaluable contributions. 2018 could be an excellent year for the BSA and Parmastox!


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