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  1. Bob Dupree

    Confusion ?!

    under build rules it states ""The car body must have windows cut out or clear, a painted driver, be firmly attached to the chassis and have no sharp edges.
    However in Q & A a question was asked?

    52. Must there be a driver in the model?
    Ans. 52)No"

    this is contradictorey to Rule  2

    Please  enlighten as to CORRECT RULE






    1. Rob Porter

      At a subsequent BSA meeting it was agreed to relax the driver rule. So windows are a must, but drivers are optional.


    1. admin Post author

      Hi Mike,

      although it refers to Brisca F1,F2 and superstox nobody is going to stop you doing Spedeworth V8 or Hotstox especially as many would be hard pressed to tell the difference!



  2. Jack

    Hi Bob,

    The rules are correct and current.

    The Q&A was from 2013 in response to a heap of questions raised by David Farrow at the time and has been left purely for insight as there is still some useful bits contained within. I have added a caveat now explaining it.




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