Below is a copy of the response sent to David Farrow who asked a heap of questions at the time! It is published for insight and guidance only and should be read with caution as some rules have changed since it was written.
English Championship/BSA/Wellgate Rules Q&A, 6th September 2013 (Author Jack Branch, E & O E)

Rear ride height.
1. It states 1mm. is this under the lower chassis only as some times the crown is below this. Is it measured under the chassis and the crown?
Ans.1) It is NOT rear ride height, it is ground clearance, i.e. Nothing to be lower than 1mm from ground apart from tyres and guide.
The only motors Parma #501 currently called a Deathstar or Parma #458 homeset motor.
The rule is: The only permitted motor is the standard Parma 16D, currently DeathStar supplied but all previous retrospective motors allowed (white/clear endbell, pink endbell and homeset). NO MODIFICATIONS ALLOWED.
2. I am fully aware there are to be no modifications but is servicing and repairs permitted?
3. Can we disassemble/remove the endbell of the motor to clean the com and preposition magnets that have become dislodged?
4. Can we replace the motor brushes?
5. Do we have to use only Palma #500K brushes or can any of a similar size be used?
6. Can we upgrade a Homeset or other Palma motors by fitting a #501 armature to turn it into a Deathstar?
7. If there is a Pse seal does it have to be complete/ unbroken?
Ans.2,3,4,5,6,7)Repairs permitted using standard parts, BUT if seal broken or missing then can be stripped down at scrutineers discretion, local club rules may allow challenges to motors credibility.

Gear ratios
8. To my knowledge Palmer RTR womps have been fitted this several different crown gears but only ever 9t pinions. Are we only permitted to use 9 and 7 tooth pinions or can we use others?
9. Are we only allowed to use Parma pinions and crown gears or can we use any make and size of 42dpi slot racing gears, For example Cox?
Ans.8,9)Any Parma, Champion or Cox 48 pitch Crown Gear or Pinion allowed.

Front wheels
10. Some of the Ready to run Palma womps come with foam indy fronts #686, are we allowed to use them if we cut them down?
11. Do we have to run the cars with the Parma # 675 front wheels?
12. Can we use other front wheels so long as they are of a similar width or wider than the Parma #675A?
13. If we have to use the Palma #675A wheels are we permitted to sand down the O rings / tyres to 18mm reduce the front ground clearance to 1.2mm? If not are we permitted to sand them down at all?
14. If we need to replace the O rings do they have to be the Palma #671BS or can we use anything of a similar size?
Ans.10, 11, 12, 13, 14) Front Wheels 18mm minimum (must be proper wheels/tyres NOT disc wheels)
15. Do the front wheels have to touch the track?
Ans. 15) Yes

16. What can the body to be made out of, are there any restrictions in materials.
Ans. 16) No
17. Can the body extend below the top chassis?
Ans. 17) Yes
Top Chassis and bumpers
18. Can the 16swg be any material and can it be rod, sheet, bar or tube.
Ans. 18) Yes
19. Can the top chassis be made out of material larger than16 swg
Ans. 19) No
20. Bumpers must be at least 5mm high, is there a maximum? see 25
21. Should 5mm of the bumpers be solid, as in no holes
or gaps in the vertical plane?
Ans. 21) Yes
22. Are there any restrictions on the material they are made from?
Ans. 22) It has to be rigid
23. Can the top chassis, other than the bumpers, extend below the top of the axels?
Ans. 23) No (except for 25)
24. Has the top chassis got to extend beyond the guide or is this not considered part of the chassis.
Ans. 24) Correct, the chassis is the metal thing.
25. Some real stock cars have aprons and skirts, are these permitted and what size can they be?
Ans. 20, 25) The car body and chassis must be an authentic scale representation of a BriSCA F1 or F2 Stock Car, from 1954 to the present day (Superstox allowed).So yes, normally made from shim, drinks can etc.
26. Are we permitted to use smaller than 16swg for detailing and/or extra bracing on the top chassis
Ans. 26) No
27. Are we permitted to attach the top chassis with hooks under or around the rear axle?
Ans. 27) Chassis to be attached to the pan by hinging around the front axle and tethering at rear to allow 1.5mm max vertical float via a strong back hook.(If you use 2 that’s fine)

28. Can the Palma Axles be shortened?
Ans. 28) Yes
29. Do we have to use Palma axles or can we use any solid 1/8 axle?
Ans. 29) You can use any 1/8” axle
30. Are we permitted to have independently rotating front wheels?
Ans. 30) No
31. Are we permitted to use 3/32 axles for the front so we could use slot.it type wheels on the front?
Ans. 31) No
Rear Wheels and Tyres.
32. Do the rear wheels/hubs have to be Palma or can other makes be used?
Ans. 32) Yes as long as 12mm wide
33. I know we should use tyres from your shop but as we are not able to get over to you, what tires are suitable. The original ones fitted to a Palmer Rtr womp don’t seem to be available as spares.
Ans. 33) The rule is control tyres from club stock (each club should control supply) using either Alpha supernatural or Parma MX blanks.
34. Are we permitted to condition the tyres with emollients such as sun-tan lotion?
Ans. 34) No

35. Are we permitted to use guides form other manufactures, other than the original white Palma one?
36. Can we use guide clips or tabs to connect the lead wire to the guide?
37. Do we have to use the original Palma Pse lead wire?
38. Are other braids other than the Parma #633 Big Mamma permitted?
Ans. 35,36,38) Yes        Ans. 37) No
Roof numbers and name.
39. Most of the cars I have seen don’t comply with this, is it mandatory or just something that has been copied and pasted too many times?
40. How big must the name be?
41. Is it first name or surname or both?
Ans.39-41)  Drivers name and number must be displayed on the body.
A forward facing driver number, minimum 10 mm, and side numbers suitable for race scoring, white on black or black on white, must be visible.
Grade colour must be painted on the roof down to the waistline or on the optional aerofoil or roof fin.

42. Must it be the name of the driver of the real car or the guy racing the model?
Ans. 42)  Replica cars deviating from the above must be supported by authentic photographic evidence.(this means it can be identical to the real car incl.drivers name/no. as long as you can prove it!)
Lower Chassis
43. To my knowledge the only “ready to run” womps made by Parma had the steel chassis with pans. The sprint came as a kit and would not, in some slot racing clubs, be classed as “ready to run”. Are we permitted to use the Parma Brass womp, the Parma Sprint Chassis, the Champion womp and the Riggen womp?

Ans. 43) Firstly the Sprints plus chassis is not made/sold by Parma. Allowed chassis are Parma Womp in steel or brass, Champion Thumper/Legend, Champion Modified, Sprints plus, the Riggen is not allowed.
44. Are we permitted to bend up the sides of the womp chassis to turn it into a Sprint Chassis? If we can do this are we permitted to go to the maximum width of 36mm or must it be the same width as an original Palma sprint chassis?
Ans. 44) As long as you do not exceed width of 36mm
45. If a chassis has been damaged or wrongly modified are we permitted to repair the damage or modification?

Ans. 45) Exceptionally at scrutineers discretion.
46. Are we permitted to fix the rear bearing in with glue or solder?

Ans. 46) Use chewing gum if you want J
47. Are we permitted to solder the motor to the motor mount or must it be held in with only the motor screws #484
Ans. 47) Your call, but see Ans. 2-7)
48. Are we permitted to use some kind of thread lock on the motor screws?
49. Must a Slot Stock use the rear set of front axle holes if it is a later chassis with two sets?
Ans. 48, 49) Yes
50. For the stiffing of the chassis are we permitted to use one piece of wire bent into a u shape so it runs down both sides of the chassis?
Ans. 50) No
51. For the stiffing of the chassis are we permitted to use any size of material as long as its 16swg in one plane? Can we use strip material or use only round wire?
Ans. 51)round wire
52. Must there be a driver in the model?
Ans. 52)No

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