What is Slotstox?

Also known as ParmaStox, Slotstox is essentially 1/32 scale Stock Cars, based on F1/F2/Superstox, utilising the Parma RTR Womp kit. Cars race around on a 4 or 5 or 6 lane oval with specially designed contact points to simulate the magic of full size Stock Car Racing. Slotstox is an ideal hobby for children of all ages – 6 to 96 roughly! – and it is so easy to start. Simply find the club (see the CLUBS heading) nearest to you, checkout their Facebook page, make contact and pop along to their next meeting. All clubs are welcoming and friendly, and happy to lend cars & controllers to would-be members – like YOU! 

Ah, but how much does it cost?

Not-a-lot as the late Paul Daniels would say. Second hand cars can be found from £25-£50, while a brand new one can typically be built for £55-£85. Second hand controllers usually cost £15-£30, or you can pay more for a brand new one. Adult race fees range from £3.50-£5.00 per meeting – less for children under 16 – and there are competitions for juniors and grown-ups.


With a history going back to the pioneering days of slotstox racing at Racewell in Barking in the early 1970s, Ken Holmes went on to form Wellgate Slotstox in 1978.  We believe Ken to be the originator of ParmaStox. We are delighted there are now 6 clubs nationwide racing ParmaStox.

The BSA Committee is:

Honorary President of the BSA
Ken Holmes

BSA Chairman
Rob Porter

BSA Vice Chairman
Mark West

BSA Committee
Jack Branch (Arena)
Ken Holmes (Wellgate)
Jon Penn (Southern Rebels)
Peter Means (Wisbech)
Steve Chaplin (ARC)
Steve Rixon (3 Counties)

BSA Technical Committee
Jack Branch (Arena)
Andy Hankin (3 Counties)
Jon Penn (Southern Rebels)

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